What can BKK do for your commercial property or business?

What can BKK do for your commercial property or business?

Whether it’s a large warehouse, or routinely cleaning restaurants, Best Karpet Klean is prepared. Carpets in these settings naturally receive much more aggressive treatment than a carpet in someone’s home does. Not to mention the greases, spills, and traffic associated with commercial areas. We use different High-pressure cleaning systems that are too aggressive for traditional carpets, but are necessary for commercial grade carpet. These tools, coupled with truck mount power, and methodical chemistry will get your commercial space back to where you expect it.

Carpet Cleaning

For these more industrial carpets we use high pressure cleaning tools. The traditional wand is just not as effective as some of the commercial grade carpet tools. With these we are able to create a vortex of 750p.s.i. steam cleaning inside the tool head space (with the carpet inside) . This power coupled with the truck-mount heat, and pre-treatment will clean up your commercial space to its fullest potential.  Please have one of our team out to measure for you today.

Carpet Repair

Most of the carpet in commercial spaces is glue-down. As such, some of the common issue with standard pad installation are not present with commercial carpeting. An example would be re-stretching. We do offer seam repair and patching of glue down carpet. Other unpredictable circumstances have possible solutions, please call for a free estimate today.

Water/Fire Restoration

Water/Fire Restoration

Most commercial carpeting is a glued down instillation, or hard surface. We will use our fleet of high power truck mounted equipment to extract a water loss of ANY size. We have a warehouse stocked with equipment on standby, so that 24/7/365 we are prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us. We are ready at a moment’s notice, because if dealt with right away, we can mitigate further cost and damage to your building. The same goes with clean-up from the unfortunate event of a fire. Please call our office at any time, any day or night, too reach our on-call dispatch.

Grout/Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning

We use heavy degreasers teamed with rotary scrubbing and good ol’ fashion hand scrubbing for your tile and grout lines. We then use high pressure tools at 850p.s.i. for maximum restoration outcome. It’s a trifecta of power, your tile and grout will transform.

We can even restore much of the kitchen areas in restaurants. We can work with your team to get under all of your storage and cook tops.

Many common areas in commercial settings are tiled, and routine cleaning can make your entire building look more clean and orderly. 

You can now schedule appointments for Best Karpet Klean 24 hours a day. Simply fill out an appointment request, and our office will confirm your appointment.


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