What can BKK do for your home?

What can BKK do for your home?

Best Karpet Klean has been cleaning homes, beginning in Northeast Ohio, since 1974. We have expanded our fleet and grown technologically, but our hometown feel with our customers has not waivered. Our technicians are IICRC certified in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We will move any practical furniture to get all of the dust, buildup and soils out of your homes carpet.  You will find that the ease of scheduling, professionalism throughout the process, pricing and quality of workmanship to be exactly what you’re looking for. 

With Best Karpet Klean, you get services included in your quote that other companies want to charge your for after the fact. Don't be fooled! Our quoted price is the price you pay. No tricks.

Carpet Cleaning

We utilize the cleaning power of the Rotovac power-wands, and bring that cleaning power into your home. This tool, when combined with a full fleet of state-of-the-art truck mounted machines Is very impressive at restoring the original beauty to your home. The difference the Rotovac will make, teamed with the power of a truck mounted machine behind it, will not disappoint.

Our fleet of truck mounted units pump high pressure/220 degree water your carpets surface. Hot water extraction is a great way to sanitize your home. During the final cleaning process, we neutralize the PH of all the detergents that we use so that no residue is left on your carpet fibers.

We will move and block your furniture at no additional charge. 

Carpet Repair

Our technicians are trained continually in the skills of carpet repair and re-stretching. Carpet is a large investment that you’ve made in your home. Having to replace your carpet because of a small accident is, luckily, not necessary. Anyone with kids or pets knows exactly what we are talking about.

From patching an area at a door jamb were a cat scratched a hole, to dying bleach drips near your laundry room.  From re-stretching those unsightly buckles out of your living room to rectifying pet stains -We are trained to make sure you’re not squandering your investment.

Like the tooth fairy, the only evidence we leave behind of our work is the reward.

We welcome you to call and schedule an estimate and plan-of-action today.

Water/Fire Damage Restoration

Water/Fire Damage Restoration

Our friendly on-call team is ready 24/7/365 To first mitigate the damage and then restore your home in the event that there is a fire or water loss in your home.

We offer many services for water restoration designed to have the option to save your carpet and pad. There are Many circumstances when Xtreme Xtraction and a top-down-drying system set up in your home can save you money both on the mitigation service and the simple fact that you don’t have to replace anything.

The Xtreme Xtractor is a motorized extraction tool that utilizes <both> the weight of the machine and its operator to basically steam roll your carpet and pad, forcing the water and moisture into a vacuum cavity, pulled by the force of a truck mounted unit. 97% of the moisture will be removed from both the carpet and the pad. The rest will be quickly dealt with through a system of drying equipment designed for top-down-drying. This process utilizes the wicking phenomena of water absorption through the carpet fibers.

We use an all-natural and powerful antimicrobial made from thyme to immobilize the growth of Molds, mildews and bacteria’s, etc.

We are equally as prepared to deal with any of the clean-up resultant of a fire in your home. Including soot clean-up, content restorations, water damage, etc.

Grout/Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning

Over time the grout lines and tile in your home builds up a grease and grime residue. As you mop your floor each grout line acts as an edge that catches the solution and soil that you you are moping around. This leaves a layer of build up which layers, and overtime your grout lines can appear irreversibly dirty. Because we don’t have to worry about over saturating hard surfaces like we do with carpet, we are able to utilize the full power of the truck mounts high pressure systems to counter this durable layer of built up dirt and grease in your home

We use Heavy duty alkaline degreasers, teamed with machine scrubbing tools, and hand scrubbing to get every inch of your tile and grout revitalized to the way it looked when you first installed it in your home.

The tools we use for tile and grout are made to run with the hot water pressure raised to 850 p.s.i. to power wash and then extract all of the grease and dirt out of your home for good.

We use hand scrubbing brushes, designed to scrub just the grout lines, to make sure that we get down into the crevice where the grout is, and against any objects(such as walls), so that the clean is not only impressive, but thorough as well. 

Odor Elimination

Odor Elimination

We have methods for restoring your homes carpets that have been affected by various notorious odors.  Pet, smoke odors, and many others. The services vary, depending situationally, so please have one of our management team come out and assess a solution for you today.

When pet urine is the issue, for example, we will treat the affected areas down to the source. We can seal the floor, replace small sections of padding, and use chemistry to neutralize the odors on the backing and surface of your carpet. Assessments are no charge, and we will send a representative out to assess the damage and come up with a plan that works for you. 

You can now schedule appointments for Best Karpet Klean 24 hours a day. Simply fill out an appointment request, and our office will confirm your appointment.


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