What can BKK do for your multi-family building?

What can BKK do for your multi-family building?

We utilize the cleaning power of the Rotovac power-wands on all units. This tool, when combined with a full fleet of state-of-the-art truck mounted machines, ensures that as many of your properties carpets can be saved from pre-mature replacements as possible, thus severally lowering your replacement spending.  Our technicians Are trained continually by our in-house training department, taught by a veteran of our industry for 30 years, Matthew Mortach. Technicians are trained and graded on Carpet cleaning, repair work and Tile and grout cleaning continually. We have the foundation in place, and the experience in your industry, to be the best teammate you bring into your community. 

Also, did we mention open scheduling? Call today, or whenever you need us. 

Carpet Cleaning

We use IICRC recommended procedures when cleaning your units. All units are pre-treated, included in the price, with an alkaline pre-spray detergent. Specific stains may require specific solvents to remove in addition to pre-treatment, also included. Heavily worn and soiled areas will be scrubbed (agitated) as necessary. Finally, the Rotovac Power-wand is used to clean out the newly suspended soils and oils, and with a finished product that no standard wand can get you. We rinse the fibers with an acidic detergent, thus nuetrolizing the PH of your apartments carpet. All steps are methodical, and for an educated reason. Also, all included in our price. Call for a free demo, and we won’t disappoint. 

Carpet Repair

Frequently in this industry carpets will clean up well but require other skilled services to complete the revitalization of your units. There’s no reason to replace a carpet that has had a bleach spill, wine spill, burn holes, or that simply needs re stretching. All of our crews are trained as rigorously in carpet repair as they are cleaning by our inhouse training staff. Crews have the ability to solve these issue and do these repairs on site, even when they may have been missed when scheduling the carpet cleaning itself. We patch, we dye, we stretch, we save your carpet, we save you money. 

Water Restoration

Water Restoration

We offer a large fleet of restoration technicians, and an even larger fleet of Truck mounted machines and restoration equipment for use at your properties. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

We specialize in small to large water loss, morning or night. We perform remedial and removal services.  In the last few years we have been able to institute the use of the Xtreme Xtractor. With this innovative machine we are able to remediate the water damage situations in your residents apartments while salvaging both the carpet and pad. All of this, with very little irritation to your residents, as we will not have to tear up their homes carpet. Our customer (you) is happy because they are not also paying to reinstall padding and re-securing the carpet.

We also can remove the carpet and/or padding if that is what is necessary for the water loss remediation. The variables that dictate which method we use are the water source and how long the area has been saturated.  

We have a large stock of drying equipment to expedite the dry time of your structure.

For your fire emergencies we are as prepared to deal with whatever collateral damage there is to your community in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Grout/Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning

Do you have tile in your unit kitchens, or lobbies- party rooms or leasing offices? We have the equipment and skill to revitalize those areas too.

We use heavy degreasers teamed with rotary scrubbing and good ol’ fashion hand scrubbing for your tile and grout lines. We then use high pressure tools at 850 p.s.i. for maximum restoration outcome. It’s a trifecta of power, your tile and grout will transform. 

​Odor Elimination

​Odor Elimination

We have methods for restoring your unit carpets that have been affected by various notorious odors.  Odors like pet stains and overwhelming cooking spices- that may affect your ability to rent a unit, and need neutralized. The services vary, depending situationally, so please have one of our management team come out and assess a solution for you today.

When pet urine is the issue we will treat the affected areas down to the source. We can seal the floor, replace small sections of padding, and use chemistry to neutralize the odors on the backing and surface of your carpet. This service alone can save your property thousands of dollars each year from replacing carpets needlessly. Assessments are no charge, and we will send a representative out to assess the damage and come up with a plan that works for you. Other odors require different approaches, but can be addressed also.

You can now schedule appointments for Best Karpet Klean 24 hours a day. Simply fill out an appointment request, and our office will confirm your appointment.


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